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any nail salon recs

i am interested in doing a trial for either acrillyics or gels before my may wedding. i  am going back and forth with doing them for the wedding because they damage.  i am also getting bored of doing my own nails two times a week to keep a manicure decent.

does anyone have any good places in north nj, morris county area?  tia!

Re: any nail salon recs

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    Hi...I also hated that acrylics damaged my nails and for about a year or so, I would go and get a french manicure once, sometimes even twice a week, it was soooo annoying, time consuming, and a waste of money, so I gave up and now do pink and white gel, I only have to go like once a month and they always look great, unfortunately I know that my nails are destroyed underneath for having them on so long, but I don't have any intention of taking them off.  I love my nail salon and maybe you will too... Perfect Nails in Maywood...Good luck!

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    People really do their nails twice a week? The last time I got my nails done was in August, lol.
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    so i got the gels with a french tip yesterday as my "trial".   my nails are hurting! is this normal? they look nice but i want to rip them off haha.  can i take these off in a few weeks? are they hard to remove? i may want to do wraps instead
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