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Helen Bohn store or Letitia in New York? Alteration question

My FMIL asked me to ask so...she is ordering her dress from one of these shops and just wanted to see if there were any opinions on alterations. Both places offer the same price for the dress so ...Its Helen Bohn in Westwood. NJ or Letitia Bridal in Monsey New York

Re: Helen Bohn store or Letitia in New York? Alteration question

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    kristen8040kristen8040 member
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    To be honest, I have no idea about alterations. What I do know is that when I went  to Helen Bohn to see my cousin's fitting in February, the staff was completely rude and nasty.  I'd  avoid it.
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    I had a bad experience at Helen Bohn also.
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    nmoscoenmoscoe member
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    I bought my dress at Helen Bohn, and I had a bad experience with alterations. My dress is my only regret with my wedding. The older woman there is nasty, she gave me attitude every time, and kept questioning me on my weight. I ordered the dress in the same size as the sample, and after all the issues with the dress bunching at the waist (I pretty much bought the dress because of how it made my waist look), I asked to try on the sample, and they were awfully quick to tell me they sold it...yet it was still in the store about a month before. Sure, it could have happened, but I don't believe it. Plus the hem wasn't even at all, and I brought it up to them at each fitting.
    You can kind of see the bunching at my waist, hiding behind my bouqet, by my elbow.
    I wouldn't recommend that store to anyone.
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    Wow! Thank you for the honesty and Nmoscoe, I'm sorry to hear what happened to your dress.  It still looks great on you but I can only imagine the ongoing frustration you went through.  I'm cutting and pasting all of your responses so again, thanks. 
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