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Laud - HELP!

Can you figure out what is wrong with the status and post counts? kgaliger, jennifer(numbers) and I have been here a LONG time and we're all N's with 300 something posts (jen even only has 150 something - which is CRAZY!). I know I'm not platinum, but I'm by far not a newbie with only 300 posts. Cry
And this matters because you know it's all about the post status Tongue out, but still!

Re: Laud - HELP!

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    edited December 2011
    eh, I'm not exactly sure if they'll import the older post counts or not. I know that when they switched the format of the Nest a year or two back, we all started back at 0 & newbie status. We just had to PW it up to get back up to speed.

    I thought I saw something on the mod boards about them importing posts sometime later, but I can't get back on there at the moment. Some of the boards are acting intermitently screwy still :(

    I'll let you know something as soon as I find out. Promise!
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    edited December 2011
    Here's what I found on the mod board from Knot Annie:

    "Status badges and PMs are not working right now. This will be fixed before launch, but if you're platinum, it won't be showing up at this time. Just wanted to update you...."

    Looks like they'll be fixing this later!
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    edited December 2011
    Whooo hooo!  Thanks Laud :)
    image Ellie and Morgan
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