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Hi! I just saw in another post that you're having your reception at Neshanic Valley Golf Course...we're venue twins!  haha

We just booked our wedding there this past week and was wondering if you might be interested in sharing your experience thus far, and maybe some info after the wedding as well?  FI and I really fell in love with Neshanic and are very excited to do our wedding there in June 2011, but the lack of information/reviews about them makes it hard to gauge exactly how things will go there. 

I'm sure you're really busy planning so if not it's ok, but I just figured I'd throw it out there !  If you decide to email, you can reach me at ackermanwedding2011 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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    Hey!! So exciting... I only know of one other girl on here who is having her wedding at Neshanic, but she doesn't post much. I will email you now :)
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    Hi!  I just went to see the Neshanic Valley Golf Course today and loved it, however now I'm trying to find out more about Merri Makers,  the quality of the food, and working with the planners there.  I see both of you were also having trouble finding reviews.  Have either of you had any more luck??  I'm really considering using this venue but would like to know more.  Can you help??  You can also email me at kristina dot armer at yahoo dot com

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    Hey girls, I am getting married there too in August...Working with them, we've had some ups and downs. They have had some changes in staff too. I love the venue. The food has been excellent at the tastings and bridal shows we've attended, but I agree it's hard to gauge, due to a lack of reviews.
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