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BM Style help!!!!

I need opinions on what style to go with for Bridesmaids & flowergirl. My dress has fll poof, w/ pick ups and I found BM dresses I really love but I'm questioning whether or not I should have same skirt style. And 2nd question if I do, do I also have same for my FG? Does anyone have pics of their wedding party with pickups in your gown & also BM's???  (style T9670)
&  (style 437 in sable color)

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Re: BM Style help!!!!

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    I don't have pictures handy of BPs where everyone has the pickups, but I have seen pictures of them on facebook and such.  Personally I'm not a fan -- pickups are kind of "dramatic" (not sure if that's the word I was looking for) and having the bride AND the BP in dresses with pickups is just a little much, at least IMO!  I think it's nicer looking if you, the bride, stand out a bit with a different style of dress from the rest of the BP.  If you wanted to have just the FG in a dress with pickups, that might be ok because it wouldn't be as overwhelming as having everyone with pickups.  Just my opinion!
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    i have lots of pickups in my gown and a huge train and I thought about doing a similar style as your #437 for my girls at one point. But then I thought i want people to be awed by mine and didn't want their huge skirts to take away from mine so I did something a little less dramatic for them so my dress gets center stage : )

    i choose a wtoo gown #367 for the bridesmaids- its still has a fuller bottom to mimic the outline of mine so they kinda match

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    If you have pickups in your gown and the BMs and FG all have pickups in theirs too, I think it's a bit much.  I understand wanting to stick to the same style, but I agree with pp who said it's a bit too dramatic.

    Having said that, if you decide to do pickups for BM gowns, I love the Bill Levkoff you chose!
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    Personally, I would not do pick-ups on BM dresses if your dress has pick-ups. I wouldn't want them to wear a dress similar to mine. ( dress has a sinched waist and I saw a BM dress with a sinched waist but decided against the BM dress because I didn't want it too similar.) I think it would be too much.
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    Lola MinnieLola Minnie member
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    if your dress has pickups, I would want something more understated for the bm's. 
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    Reilly626Reilly626 member
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    Its like you went out and picked your dress for them in a color, find a very different dress, or you wont stick out as the bride.
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