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Bathroom Baskets

I know we've done this before but the knot is NOT letting me search. So frustrating to do this again...but what are you putting in your bathroom baskets or what did you? MGs - what was used and what wasn't ? :)

Re: Bathroom Baskets

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    felicia220felicia220 member
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    My FMIL put everything under the sun in our baskets, Here are the things I remember:
    Advil, Aleve, Pepto, Immodium, Ice Packs, First-Aid kit, sewing kit, lint roller, tide-to-go pens, tooth picks, disposable tooth brushes, combs, scope, spray deodorant, moisturizer, lip balm, q-tips and that is all I can remember for now.  She is also putting a basket of flip flops in the women's bathroom.  

    I asked her to do this, because she felt like she wasn't doing anything and she ran with it.  One less thing for me to do, Yay!

    Hope this helps
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    I just bought some stuff for mine, also remember not every venue allows tylenol/asprin etc so you need to check with them first.

    Here is what I have so far:

    Little first aid kits
    Spray deodorants
    Mouth Wash
    Lint rollers
    Sewing Kits
    Clear Nail Polish
    Nail Files
    Hair ties
    Nail Glue
    Shout wipes
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    maddie7maddie7 member
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    What if your reception is at a hotel and the bathrooms are in the lobby?
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    felicia220felicia220 member
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    I never heard of a venue not allowing aspirin, thats crazy.  You have great stuff on your list,  that is all the stuff I couldn't remember, my FMIL put so much stuff I couldn't remember it all.  

    Usually there are a different set of bathrooms for the lobby and the halls, but if there isn't then you may not want to put a basket, or just do it and put your names on it and hope that strangers don't take from it.  
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