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Special gift for MOH

I am looking to get personalized ideas for a special gift for my MOH (my sister).  When she got married, she made an ablum of us growing up and with cute quotes, etc.  Do you have any ideas of something similar but different?   I know gifts are supposed to be personal and something that she would like but I want to do something with pictures and I am stuck.  TIA!

Re: Special gift for MOH

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    Laurms15Laurms15 member
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    What about a framed scrapbook. I did a big frame for my sister w/ pictures and some of the little scrapbook things and its hanging on her wall.
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    There are personalized jewelry boxs....they have like pictures you put on there but it is a jewelry box.  You can get them at 

    I like them :)
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    leah2bleah2b member
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    You know what I always thought were cool?  Those large frames that can fit multiple pics in it - you can get them at potterybarn , red envelope, etc.  You could put meaniful pics in the frame for her.  I always want to do this - and then I get too lazy.

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