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deodorant siuation kind of gross...

Currently, I am using the roll type of deodorant that is suppose to roll on clear even though its the white stick stuff (get me?)  I ALWAYS get deodorant balls in my arm pits. Its totally gross and the last thing I want on my wedding day is to lift my arms to dance and find these little buggers there.  I wouldnt say I sweat a lot, but I find that this kind of deodorant does the best job in preventing an odor.  The clear antiperspirant do crap for me.  Suggestions??

Re: deodorant siuation kind of gross...

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    I've never used them so I don't know how well they work, but what about the aerosol spray ones?
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    I use the Secret clinical strength (currently am liking the waterproof one) and I have never gotten those ball things from it. Most deodorants I used before that I would get them though... this isn't a solid, not a liquid... I dunno how to explain it but it works!

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    Secret and Dove have invisible solids that work well and do not leave balls behind....also Arm & Hammer may work well because the baking soda absorbs the odor.
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    Thanks ladies. I will try all of these kinds lol.  I hate these balls and my FI always makes fun of me when I get them. LOL
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    I love Dove's invisible solids! They are fab! And I've never had a problem with them leaving!
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    I also use the Secret Clinical Strength waterproof and never had that problem.  I will be using that for the wedding day as well. 
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    Danes...hahah you crack me up and I know exactly what you mean.  I use the Dove invisible solid(Baby Powder Scent haha) and after I put it on I take a tissue and give my self a little wipe, it helps prevent it from clumping.  
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    I switch deodorants every 6 months or so because my body seems to develop a resistance to them after awhile or something.

    I purchased an aerosol deodorant by Secret before my B-Pics because I didn't want any white stuff on my pits or my bras from changing so often and I loved it... I've been using it ever since. 
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    Mitchum (for women) Smart Solid .  I like the powder one.  It isn't really a solid, it has a solid shape but goes on liquidy if that makes sense haha.  But anyway, i swear by it, no deo clumps.

    Peaches... i have the same issue!!! every few months new brand ;op good to know I'm not crazy!

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  • Laurms15Laurms15 member
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    I love the Dove clinical streingth. I used it for my wedding and for about a year before that and it kept my black clothes cleaner then anything I've ever used! And t he wedding day I was as dry as one could be dancing up a storm.
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    Also recommending Secret Clinical Strength -- that stuff is amazing!
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    There is also something called Certain Dri that you can put on at night that is supposed to cut down the amount you sweat.  I know that wasn't your original question, but I've used it before and started it last night so I don't get sweaty if I get nervous tomorrow!
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