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Am I just not on here enough or did Brad GBCK?

Or just run away because work was busy? (yes it is tax season so that could be the reason) but it seems as though after he pissed everyone off with the teacher thing and prior to that he poofed.

Re: Am I just not on here enough or did Brad GBCK?

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    I saw one or two posts from him after the teacher salary blow-up.  I think he posted something about Perona Farms or something like that.  Since he's such a private person, I'm guessing he got chased away when he realized that some facts about him had been figured out.

    I think he was busy with work because of financial statements rather than taxes so in theory his busy season should be over.
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    Didn't he say his job has nothing to do with tax season during the teacher blow up? regardless, he likes to come and go so I'm sure he'll be back soon enough...

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