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New Jersey

I think I am going to be under my guaranteed number at my venue...

Im getting married at The Manor next month and the majority of our responses are in.  I'm kinda disapointed because more people replied no than expected and I'm not sure we are going to make our minimun.  Our minimun is 125, invited 141, and are probably going to end up with 116.  Has this happened to anyone?  Is there anything that can be done?  Any negotiating?  My guess is no since it's already in the contract, but I figured I'd still post this just in case anyone was in this situation and can give me some advice.  
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Re: I think I am going to be under my guaranteed number at my venue...

  • Just agree to pay for your minimum and ask for upgrades.
  • You can ask to see if your vendors can be included in your min. Or like pp said you can see if they'll throw in some upgrades for you to help make up the cost.
  • Thanks I will try that!  And yea we already included the vendors in with that number.  We do still have a few people who didn't respond yet, but even if they all say yes I'll have about 120.  I'm not sure if they all will say yet though.  
    Married April 27th 2012
  • Don't feel bad! We had a bunch of people from our "sure thing" list decline. Our official number was 128, but we had 4 no-shows. The venue wrapped up those dinners for us and we ate them later that weekend. Definitely talk to your venue. Maybe they will add in a station at the cocktail hour. GL!
  • you can always invite the people on the "b" list! considering ofcourse there is enough time to send out those invites!

    good luck!
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_new-jersey_i-think-i-am-going-to-be-under-my-guaranteed-number-at-my-venue-1?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:90Discussion:7b3373e9-6633-44ab-991b-ac1f3b2a6dadPost:3004fd0c-e950-4bdf-849d-2cab7eddafc5">Re: I think I am going to be under my guaranteed number at my venue...</a>:
    [QUOTE]you can always invite the people on the "b" list! considering ofcourse there is enough time to send out those invites! good luck!
    Posted by MLAT5[/QUOTE]

    No.  B lists are incredibly rude, especially this close to the wedding.

    ETA: Ginabean, I've heard the Manor is very accommodating to brides in your situation, I seem to recall someone in the same boat last summer - it might have been Peaches - having an extra station added and something else upgraded.  I hope they will work with you, good luck!
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  • I am way under my minimum and unfortunalely, I don't believe my venue is really williing to do anything.  They will count my vendors and kids but i'm still under by like 20.  Its terrible.  All of these last minutes nos from people who confirmed with my back when I sent out save the dates.  I know things happen but it completely screwed me bc I didn't invite more people than I could afford and ettiquette says no B lists, so now i'm like 30 under my minimum of 150 despite inviting over 180 people
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    Honestly?  Screw etiquette.  It's not like you suddenly found some money and want to up your guests beyond the agreed upon amount with the venue.  You want to justify paying for those plates by having someone eat them.  I have been an obvious B list invite and I didn't care because I was happy to go to the wedding and enjoyed myself.  I say if you have people you cut and they wouldn't be insulted, I would send them invites.

    Also, is there anyone you invited without a plus one that you can offer that to?

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  • I have seen brides from tk go to other posters weddings to help meet their min. I know it sounds weird but it has worked out in the past for brides.... Maybe pm a few posters you are close with if the venue can not add upgrades.

  • I went to a wedding at the Manor and the bride said she got a bunch of nos and didnt meet their minimum so they did tons of upgrades - i def. wouldn't worry they seem to work with people. 
  • We're also below our minimum right now. I asked a fee single guests to bring a date. I then got a few more unexpected no's and did the dreaded blist. I invited people who I absolutely know would not be offended. They all were absolutely delighted. I've been a last minute invite in the past wasn't upset. Honestly, I don't get why some people get so bent out of shape. Hopefully we won't get more declines because I have no more to invite!
  • Grrr I responded a few days ago but TK monster ate my post.  You can also ask to have the meals packed up and taken home.  That's what the Graycliff did for our 2 no shows and we got to enjoy them the next day.
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