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Engagment photos tomorrow

so my engagement photos are tomorrow and im a bit nervous. anyone have advice about there engagment session...what they wish they would have done/not done??


Re: Engagment photos tomorrow

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    alliecarrie41alliecarrie41 member
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    just be yourself.  dont try to pose all the time.  wear clothes you'd wear just hanging around, don't go crazy.  try to have fun. 
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    mbcdefgmbcdefg member
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    I was glad that I wore comfortable shoes.
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    ditto mbcdefg. I brought a comfy pair I did. After an hour, that's what I wore.

    Also, we all went out before hand and had a drink with our lunch. FI was unwound and more comfortable. Might not work for everyone, but I know my FI is shy.
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    melissamchiumelissamchiu member
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    Have fun!  And try to be in the moment.  My DH and I have a habit of laughing at everything and joking a lot - esp if we're nervous.  So, a lot of our pictures where we were kissing, we were also "smiling" if that makes sense.  I wish we had more serious kissing pictures - where it looked like we were in the moment, no cameras or anything else.  That would be the only change I would've made.
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