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Budget photo/video & DJ for Monmouth County NJ

Hello!  I am looking for recommendations for a photographer, videographer & DJ for my May 7th wedding at the Jersey Shore.  We are on a very tight budget so I am looking to spend around $3k for all 3 services.  Can anyone offer any recommendations that would fit within my budget?  Thanks so much in advance!! 

Re: Budget photo/video & DJ for Monmouth County NJ

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    mbcdefgmbcdefg member
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    That's going to be tough. Is $3K your absolute limit, or can you go up to $3500 or $4000?

    I think the least expensive photographer I've seen on this board that has nice photos is Nicole M. I believe she's in the $1200-1500 range. Jason Rhee is also getting popular now and I think he may be in that range as well. I looked into Aaron Almendral when I was looking for a photographer and he is also in the $1K range.

    I'm using Fantasy Productions for a DJ and paying a little under $1,000 for basic services.

    IDK about any videographers in the $1K range.

    Also ask on the South Jersey board for vendors. Especially since South Jersey vendors (moreso the inland area vendors than the Shore area vendors) seem to have lower prices than North Jersey vendors.

    Here's a good bio for a Belmar budget wedding that might be useful for you:

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    Deener713Deener713 member
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    Chris Garrow from Unforgettable DJ's is around $1,000.
    And if you get just the raw footage for video you can get that for under 1,000.
    Best of luck
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    ebarracoebarraco member
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    Thank you!  We do not need any bells & whistles with our packages.  I just want to have some mementos of the day to share with our children!
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    Martin's video is very good and cheap (around $1000 if not less).  

    Good luck! 
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