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Thanks to all who helped out.  All the gifts have been delivered.  The families were so cute, and so thankful.  I have pictures, but I need to upload them to my computer.  If you are a facebook friend of mine, I will be putting them on there.  If not, please email me, (or friend me on facebook) so that I can forward them to you!

I am not on much because the new knot won't work on my computer and it takes a million years to load, but I'll check back every now and then to read posts - but if i dont' speak to you have a happy, healthy new year! and an excellent holiday (and happy belated chanukkah to those of you who celebrate)
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    SinthyaSinthya member
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    just saw your pics dana. You did an awesome job. I can't wait to deliver to my 2 families on Monday!
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    FutureMrsF111FutureMrsF111 member
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    Thank you so much for organizing everything and delivering the gifts to the families. Im not on facebook but if you can email me the pics that would be great.

    Knot name at gmail dot com
    Happy holidays!

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