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Want to proof my invites? :)

Obviously names are changed... for FI's name should I do his First, Middle and Last or is First and Last OK?   Anything not capitalized that should be?  This is making me nervous! LOL

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Smith
request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
My First and Middle Name
FI First and Last Name 
son of 
Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

Saturday, the thirteenth of October
two thousand twelve 
at eleven o’clock in the morning 

644 Pascack Road

Washington Township, New Jersey 07675


Reception immediately following

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Re: Want to proof my invites? :)

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    this looks great to me - i think it's a preference thing whether or not to use your FI's middle name. we did.
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    Personally, I'd just pur FI's first and middle name since his parents names are following and it might flow a little better with yours being hte same format. I also would remove the "at" in "at eleven o'clock in the morning." Sounds great though!
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    Since you are using your middle name I would put his as well.
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