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Parents gift situation

To piggy back my last vent about my FMIL.  I just started thinking of the parents gifts and what to do for that. My parents are helping pay for the wedding by picking up the cost of the reception which is a huge help to us. My parents are wonderful and have helped out in anyway they can. When my FI spoke to his mother about the money situation, she told him she had no money and was broke ( she said she wanted to invite 30 people to the wedding so they could give us cash gifts and that would  be her wedding gift to us) she cries the broke card all the time, she just got back from a week and half cruise, she went out and bought herself a 3k dog and his sister wanted one too so she got her one, while my FI supported her for many years. I'm annoyed over it, but whatever what she wants to do with her money is fine, but don't act like your broke and can't help out your son.
So this leads me to the gift situation, I don't think we should give her a gift at our reher dinner. Is that mean and rude? I want to present my parents with something, and his father since he drove up from PA and redid our bathroom in our house for us as a gift and is helping with the limo cost.
My normal,  nice, inner self, tells me it's terrible to present something to my parents and his father and not her, but I also feel like she has really pooed on us and I don't want us giving her a gift to condone what she does, but I also don't want to not present something to my parents because we aren't giving her anything. What would you do?

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    Here's what I would do (because I'm a spiteful person)...

    Give her a gift so she can't play the you're-a-sh*tty-DIL card with whoever she'll ultimately go crying to.  BUT make sure her gift is something that's obviously insigificant and nothing special and give the other parents something that's clearly from the heart and more expensive with a sentimental note of thanks and love attached.
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