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When do they guys go to get their tuxes?

My Wedding is on 8/24 at Perona Farms and my fiance hasn't stepped foot in a tux place. Are we getting down to the wire or do we still have a couple of weeks to still do this? Also any tux places you liked around perona farms?

Re: When do they guys go to get their tuxes?

  • they say 3 months before so I would go now and not keep putting it off.
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    I think it can depend on where you're going, but he can go even 1 month before. Our tux shop (a local place, not a big chain) said he needed only 2 days to get them in on time & alter them. This worked well since we had some GM who didn't fly in until the week-of. I'm sure if you call the tux shop you're looking at, they can tell you when the latest is you can come in. 
  • We went 4 months before but it was the only time I could get all of the guys together before the night of the RD.  I didn't trust them to go on their own.
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  • My husband went a week before the wedding lol... Everything worked out but I wouldn't advise this. 
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  • Men's Wearhouse my F went already and the said the wedding party should come atleast 3 weeks before th date.
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