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Meeting with Florist Today...Last Minute Advice?

Hi Girls,
Meeting with Crest Florist today. 
Any last minute suggestions or advice?
Pretty much need everything except centerpieces and pew decorations


Re: Meeting with Florist Today...Last Minute Advice?

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    Don't be afraid to negotiate for a better price!
    Good luck!
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    Tell them your budget up front (I always give a lower one to leave room to negotiate) and dont be afraid to ask them to show you what flowers they are talking about, etc if you are like me and know nothing about flowers haha
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    thx girls!
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    Do you have an idea of what you're looking for?  If so, that can really help in getting an accurate estimate.  But if not, they can help with that.  It doesn't hurt to bring photos of your dress, bridesmaid dresses, and any flowers you've seen in magazines etc. that you've liked.  If they aren't familiar with your venues, photos of the room may be helpful too.  That way they can figure out your style and help you come up with good ideas.
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    Also I would ask about having a trial to see what the flowers would actually look like rather than just seeing pictures.
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    Definitely bring pics of what you're looking for, photos of your dress, the BM dresses, be up front with your budget, remember "in-season" flowers are always cheaper, and definitely ask about getting to see a sample.
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    i wouldnt give budget let her build it for you she may be lower than you think if oyu give them a number they make sure they hit it.
    Goood Luck
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    They were very expensive! I did much better at Santos!
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