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Reviews from 5/22 wedding (long)

FYI, I graded fairly and didn't give A++++, C is considered average.

Rabbi Dennis Tobin A+
Rabbi Tobin was great!  He made everyone feel very comfortable.  I know some people don't think responds well, but he was there for us whenever we wanted to chat, or run things by him.  We met twice before the wedding and talked on the phone many times.  MH isn't jewish, and Tobin really made it "a very special wedding" and added that personal element.  He arrived early, hung out, met our parents, of course made some jokes, and explained the meaning of the ketubah.

The Tides Estate A
The Tides was #7 out of 47 places I looked and I kept going back.  I loved working with Tito and loved everything about it.  It has a romantic, old world feel to it and the garden ceremony was just perfect, not too hot or humid.  Tito left, we then got Scott, then week of the wedding Scott left and we really didn't have anyone, but I didn't care because I knew we were in someone's good hands.  The food was excellent, everything was the way we imagined, went very smoothly and was perfect.  Our guests raved about it.  There was another wedding going on downstairs and no one even knew.  We tipped the bartenders ahead of time, so they weren't allowed to accept anything from anyone, and I highly recommend that.  Just a nice touch for your guests.

Mike Maitre D A+
If it weren't for Mike, everything wouldn't have went perfectly.  He was there from the minute we unloaded the car on Wednesday to literally waving good-bye to us Saturday night.  He took care of everyone, gave us water and wine (MH loves Guinness and Mike was giving him Guinness) whenever he saw we had a free moment.  He made us eat, which was nice to take a break from everything and enjoy dinner together.  He knew what to do and when to do it.  He was very professional.

The Nerds A
The Nerds were just awesome!  I was a little nervous about them and their attire, but they did a great job, everyone was up and dancing and people raved about them.  They weren't as loud as I imagined - they were average band level noise, which I was happy about. 

Supersonic DJ A-
They did what they were supposed to do...nothing fancy, did the introductions, played music while we ate and some background music.  Tommy was great to work with.  It bothered me a little that he asked for the balance ($) as soon as he got there and saw me, that is why he gets the -.  I asked him to figure out the whole hora situation and when it would go on, and we talked about it a few days prior and then he was talking about logistics again at the cocktail hour with me, which I wanted to say "didn't you figure this out already," but not the end of the world.  I was happy with him.

STARS Productions D
Absolutely horrible to work with.  Unresponsive, and just couldn't give us the time of day.  I think we worked for 4 people - Maryann, then Allison, then Jen, i don't remember the other one, but they never called back, took a week to get an email back with a simple question.  Felt like I was always bothering them.  I hated calling them.

Royal Violins string quartet A+
So great to work with, professional and beautiful music.  They were on pitch and played the songs great.  Julia is a pleasure to work with. 

Jose Reyes photography A+
Jose and his assistant David were a pleasure to work with.  Everything went smoothly, they arrived early.  MH and the GM loved working with David, he was good and fun and very creative.  He had us posing in bamboo and against the shed at the Tides, very non-traditional and spur of the moment, which I loved.  David was yelling out all these funny things to get us to really laugh in the pictures and made us feel like models.  Jose knew all these day-of wedding things (how to put the boutineer on my dad, that I had a loop under my train to put on my wrist) and was just fun to work with.  We got all the "posed" pictures done before the ceremony, which gave us more time to enjoy our wedding and take more of the candid pics.  He was very professional, and a doll.  I highly recommend David as well.

Stephanie from SK Floral Expressions A-
Everything was beautiful, the flowers were fresh, lasted all day long, the ceremony looked beautiful and the reception room was beautiful too.  The only reason why I am giving a minus here is because we discussed getting a dark purple rose and they were more lavendar than darker purple in the bouquets and centerpieces.  Not the end of the world, and no one else would have known that, but I was under the impression they would be darker.  Stephanie was a doll and such a pleasure to work with the entire way.

Videotech Studio A+
I was very lucky again.  William came early and brought his son along and I had 2 videographers when I thought I was getting 1.  They were there until the end, non-obtrusive and just did their magic.  William had my montage ready for me a week before the wedding so I could use it at the RD, which was nice of him.  I highly recommend them, very professional and we will get the video on Monday!

JB Lighting A
Jim is really laid back and honest.  I did a lot of uplighting research to make sure the room would illuminate properly and knew that parcans wouldn't light up that room.  He was so easy to work with, the room looked beautiful and changed colors at certain points of the night.  I was very happy.

PA Party Pixx photobooth B
They were easy to work with, yet they lost my contract.  Okay no biggie I had a copy.  The whole point of going with them vs anyone else was because they have the largest photobooth (fits 17 people) and you get all sorts of fun props.  Well, the photobooth was the biggest hit of the night, but they didn't give out the props!  I didn't realize it until the next day and emailed the owner and then he said that they usually don't put out the props until after dinner.  Well, that wasn't in the contract!  All in all, people loved the pictures and didn't know about the props, and it was still funny, but that's why I went to them!

Joe's Limo B+
Working with them prior to the wedding was a little shady I thought, I didn't have to give a deposit until 1 month before and we were nervous about that.  However, they showed up on time, took us from point A to point B on time.  Only reason why they get a B+ is because the driver didn't even wear a suit!  He wore slacks with a shirt and tie, but I guess no one else saw him except for the bridesmaids and my parents.

Jessica's Design Shop A+
Loved working with her - she did my invites, table numbers, bathroom basket cards, monogram for aisle runner and menus, water bottle labels and specialty drink cards.  Professional, on time, quality work.  I love her stuff!

Impression Invites A
they did my tiffany fan programs, which came out beautiful.  I added some rhinestones onto them and a ribbon and they were perfect.  She even gave me extras!

Calligraphy by Carmela A+
Beautiful, elegant, she was quick, didn't make any mistakes and very affordable.  I used her for my place cards too.

Hampton Inn & Suites Fairfield NJ A
Shuttles were great, breakfast was fine, late night bar was great, you can beat it - clean rooms, great for getting ready and capable of handling multiple weddings (there were 3 the night of mine and I didn't even see the other brides) and so cheap to stay there!

Gina Brozon A+
Gina is amazing, I call her my magician.  She did all 6 bridesmaids, my mom and I and everyone looked and felt beautiful.  My makeup lasted until the next evening.  It was flawless.

Michelle Lo Conte and Rosalie A+
So yes I was the other wedding on May 22.  I booked Michelle almost a year ago because I knew I had to have her through all the knotties.  She told me she would be at the hotel around 11-12ish a year ago since we had to be ready by 2:30 and she and Rosalie did 9 hairstyles in under 3 hours.  They are magicians too and everyone looked beautiful.  My hair lasted until the next day.

Wedding Rings Diamond Mine Woodbridge, NJ A
Beautiful, what we wanted and affordable

Dress & veil Jefre Bridal Greenbrook, NJ A+
My dress came out even better than I expected it to.  Amalia added pockets and we used the fabric from my mom's wedding gown, which was my "something old" and it came out amazing.

Hair comb and earrings Frills, Matawan A
Mary is a doll and it matched my dress and veil perfectly.

Tuxedo's Men's warehouse B
The one in Totowa was great, but my dad went to Eatontown and FIL went to Bridgewater and they weren't the greatest because they didn't fit the dads perfectly.  However, the dads went 2 days before wedding which was enough time to get a different size tux, so it was fine in the end.  It depends on the location you go to.

Rehearsal dinner Mamma Vittoria (formerly Via Brera) Nutley, NJ B-
We went there for dinner many times before the rehearsal dinner and it was fabulous.  We really trusted the owner.  Food is excellent.  At RD, it was so hot, the air kept coming in and out, he wouldn't give us a bottle opener (it was BYOB) bc I guess it's an insurance thing, so we had to go out and buy one because they weren't keeping an eye on opening bottles of wine and beer.  Service was very slow night of RD - it went from 7:30-11, when we wanted to be out of there by 10.  However, the food was really good, so tough to grade it.

I will post pro pics once I receive them!  Thanks everyone!

Re: Reviews from 5/22 wedding (long)

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    So you're the *other wedding* booo to you. Still can't believe she didn't tell me ahead of time though. Still ticked off about that- but glad you enjoyed her as well :-)

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    She didn't tell me about you either!  But oh well, she does this every weekend and has 2 weddings every saturday, so I can understand from her POV...this is what she does.  She could have told us both, but I trusted her - she knows what she can handle and she pulled it off great.
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    and wait... why didn't you chime in with all my complaining?? haha

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    tvlirenetvlirene member
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    Congrats Brooke!  Sounds like everything was wonderful.  Can't wait to see pictures :)
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    viviannacviviannac member
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    Congrats Brooke, I'm glad you had a wonderful day. 
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    Congrats! I'm strongly considering the tides, but still searching :).
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    meg&jarredmeg&jarred member
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    Congrats and Im glad you had a great day!!

    I just ordered my dress from Jefre Bridal-  I am so glad they got a great review i was debating whether or not to have my alterations done there.  Now i definitely will.

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