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Ever have one of those days?

I think Im on self distruct- yesterday morning I dropped my brand new laptop that FI just got me since my other one died. Its still working, but its more of a desktop now. Then I spilled hot chocolate all over my phone. And I go out to my car this morning to leave for work and my car is dead. Why does this kinda stuff always happen in bunches? oh well- im sure it will improve :p

Re: Ever have one of those days?

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    Awww, chalk it up to a nasty Monday and pray the rest of the week improves :)
    But Yes, I've had those days/weeks. About 2 months ago, my cell phone, laptop, and digital camera all sh*t the bed in the same sucks.
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    hha I know - FI was teasing me last night- hes like dont hug me you may break me haha
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