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I know it has been asked before...

How long before your wedding did you send out your invites? and when was your rsvp date? I am just ordering our invites, and want to make sure the rsvp date isn't too early or late.

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Re: I know it has been asked before...

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    I sent them out 2 months prior, and had the rsvp date 1 month before the wedding date.  That gives you time to contact the stragglers who don't rsvp and still give your venue an accurate number!
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    felicia220felicia220 member
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    It drives me crazy that people think it is okay to not RSVP and then we have to spend the time calling them to see if they are coming.  Sorry, just get very frustrated by it.

    I'm sending mine out 2 1/2 months before and RSVP for a month before.  We did the extra two weeks because we have a small block of rooms and they need to be booked a month and half before the wedding, so we wanted to give our guests more time to book.  
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    Reilly626Reilly626 member
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    Im sending them out mid-May, my wedding is 8/6. 
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    I sent mine out 2 months (and a week) prior and the RSVP date is one month before the wedding. I'm going to start calling people that haven't RSVP'ed at around 3 weeks before - I can already see that's going to be needed!
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