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Hair Trial Pics from Michelle

Received my hair trial pics from Michelle Lo Conte this am. I was really happy with it. Aside from the last pic where I look angry! lol.

I'm not really a traditionalist (not even wearing a veil) so it works for me. I'm just sad my Swarovski pin/barette didnt come on time as I would have loved to see it all together! I do want to ask her to make the section in the back towards the bottom a little tighter though. It looks a little loose." border="0" alt="" width="1" height="12" />

Re: Hair Trial Pics from Michelle

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    Lola MinnieLola Minnie member
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    Boo I can't see it because my work blocks photo sharing sites. Woudl you be able to post PIP also??

    PS - how was the menu selection? I want to hear about the process!!!
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    viviannacviviannac member
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    I can see the hair style much better in these pics. 

    I think it looks pretty but definitely have her tighten that bottom section in the back.  The crystal barette will glam it up.     
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    Looks really pretty! I love the side pony look!
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