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   I wanted to see if anyone had any reviews or info about Clark's Landing, I have been looking at their website for a wedding in Aug 2012, and it looks amazing. Also wondering about some prices, if anyone has any ideas. I have tried e-mailing them a few times, with no response, and really want to get an idea of cost before I commit to visiting them. Hate to fall in love with a venue I can't afford... eeks!

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  • grace_anngrace_ann member
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    I had my wedding there in September - I loved it! I'm not sure what the prices are now but if you want you can send me an email - - and I can answer any questions
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    I think I remember the cheapest package being $165 and I dont think that included tax or gratuity but I am not 100% sure on that
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  • RamsKR01RamsKR01 member
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    I went to a wedding there this past October and loved it.  The cocktail hour is amazing and I really like the way both the cocktail and reception rooms were set up.  As a guest I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone, but I have no clue about prices.
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  • wedwed11wedwed11 member
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    It's really nice there, we looked there last summer. I think it's around $150 to $175 per person. I don't remember exactky what the price was but that was the ballbark.
    I think it's perfect if you want to beach wedding.
  • chica368chica368 member
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    I am getting married there in August. Everything has been AMAZING so far..the 2 people you work with are fantastic...If you want to talk about pricing please feel free to PM me...
  • agu101agu101 member
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    I am getting married there in Sept 2012, and could not be happier with our decision.  Clarks was the first place we looked and LOVED IT.  We visited 5 other venues, and they all paled in comparison.  Definitely visit- it's worth checking out.
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  • meganj825meganj825 member
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    Heyyy! I have known several people to get married there and now my fiance and I are getting married there July 2012. For "in season" you can expect at least $178 a head for  a Friday and $198 a head to start for Saturday's. It is amazing!!!!! Once you go there you will fall in love, I am surprised that no one has gotten back to you. I would call and ask to speak with Nicole she is who we have been dealing with. Best of luck with future planning :)

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