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New Jersey

Question for anyone who has had a photobooth at their wedding

I'm getting a photobooth for my reception which is from 8pm - 12am. I have the option of having it for 3 hours or for the whole reception time (4 hours). Do you think 3 hours is sufficient or should I just do the whole 4 hours? If I'm doing 3 hours should I do it at the beginning of the night or more towards the end. Also, were there lines? TIA

Re: Question for anyone who has had a photobooth at their wedding

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    I would say that you should go for the 3 hours, and do it during the last 3 hours.  The first hour you want people to see you enter the reception, do the dances, and toasts.  ( just my opinion).  Also, people are more drunk towards the end....and the pics are just funnier! lol

    We had ours for 3 hours also, and our DJ just announced at some point that the photobooth was open.  There were some lines when it first opened up, but later in the evening it was clear.
  • lmcit23lmcit23 member
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    My worry with the 3 hours is having it set up but not being able to have people use it for the 1st hour. Did you put a sign up or something

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    oh i see.  We had them set up while we were doing the dances/ toasts/intros etc.  Then the DJ announced it was open.

    I also had put black envelopes on each table that said:

    "As a token of our appreciation for celebrating with us, take as many trips to the photobooth as you would like, and use this envelope to take the memories home with you"
  • Lola MinnieLola Minnie member
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    I would do the first 3 hours...
  • Deener713Deener713 member
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    I had it from the cocktail hour until the middle of the reception. My guests loved it. Sometimes there was a line. The picture they got was there favor as well. I would do 4 hours if it isn't much more expensive.
    I used photo illusions, it was a real photobooth and they were the most reasonably priced
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    II had my photobooth for the whole 4 hours and it was no difference in charge...you can check them out if you want it was $1,000 for the 4 hours and $100 extra if you wanted doubles...I did the same thing with the envelopes but I put a basket of them, along with photoshare cards on the table with the placecards so that as soon as they entered they knew...it worked out well

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