New Jersey

Now onto the wedding album.....ahhhhh

Are they serious?  I have 3000 pictures to pick from and I have to narrow it down to 90?  (I'm not really complaining, because my pics came out awesome) I am just kind of tired of looking at myself.......hahaha.  We have to pick out 450 for proof books (I had a friend who got all 3000 in proof books, I would lose my mind if I had that)  and H and I agree on 100...naturally...haha.  And then there is the Video.  I have been getting phone calls and text messages from family members who 1) Want to know when I will get it and 2) Want a copy?!  I never thought that so many people would want to OWN a copy of my wedding.....I find this very funny.  I guess it was that good of a wedding. 

There was ZERO purpose to my post.......just a lazy Sunday morning.
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