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New Jersey

Rustic, Inexpensive, wedding venue in Sussex county NJ

Hello all!  I am currently trying to find an inexpensive, rustic looking venue to have my wedding in November.  I have 190 guest so the venue has to be kinda big so we are not cramped.  I was wondering if any of you knew of anywhere that would fit this description.  We are on a very tight budget so are trying to keep the cost under $75 a person with alcohol.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks your help

Re: Rustic, Inexpensive, wedding venue in Sussex county NJ

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    black Bear golf club (part of the Crystal Springs resort) is right around there pricewise and sizewise- The Ballyowen club is a little bit more, but it might be too cold in November to have it there.
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    I live and golf up there.  I'm suprirsed to hear that BlackBear is within that range.  My understanding is that Ballyowen as well as the other Crystal Springs locations are very expensive. 

    Consider looking at Farmstead in Andover.  I don't know what they charge, but I have to believe it's less than any Crystal Springs facility and I think it will fit the rustic feel that you're looking for.
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    Black bear is the least expensive of all of them, but it still may be more then the original budget, not sure. I would also recommend looking at the Lafayette House which may be in that range and is rustic as well. And maybe looking out a bit towards PA or over the border in Orange Co NY which may have more rustic and less expensive options as well.

    Oh, and the Lake Mohawk Country Club may also be an option, its kinda dark and rustic inside. And Mohawk House in Sparta does wedding, but may be a bit too small, but has a nice rustic feel to it :)
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    I am getting married at Flanders Valley and it has a somewhat rustic feel-it is on a farm and golf course. Lots of barns and horses. The venue itself is not that rustic but you may want to check it out. It should fall in that price range.
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    Have you checked out the Lake Valhalla Club?  It has a rustic feel to it.

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    Perona Farms?  I know they have some nice places outside to take pictures.
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  • Any idea on how much the Mohawk House in Sparta runs?
  • fyi, this thread is 2 years old.

    I inquired last summer, and Mohawk House doesn't have an all-inclusive type package; they offer separate pricing for beverage packages, hors d'oeuvre packages, and then 3-course dinner.  I would recommend contacting them; they got back to me right away. 
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  • Thanks silver!  Will have to start a newer thread!!
  • Perona Farms has the barn now. Not sure how it is priced though.
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