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Dasharna Hall Plantation

Just got back from a venue visit at Dasharna Hall Plantation... Has anyone had/been to a wedding here?? What were your thoughts?

Fiance and I really liked it but there are somethings here and there that concerned us. Would love some experience!

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October 13, 2012

Re: Dasharna Hall Plantation

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    I tried to go view it but I could never get anyone to get back in touch with me :(  I wish I had any advice for you on booking!

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  • mewebster59mewebster59 member
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    I googled it, and it looks gorgeous!!  Never been to a wedding there though, sorry.
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    Hey there! I know I've never posted on this board, but I come on here just to lurk every once in a while. I have been to look at Darshana Hall and met with the owner / event coordinator. While it is a BEAUTIFUL house...the surrounding areas are not so great. I didn't want my guests driving through a gauntlet of mobile homes (I know how bitchy that sounds...and i'm sorry) and come up to this beautiful, big, historic home. The other things that concerned me and ultimately made me nix this place was the fact that it was a private home as well. The owner said that the place has a lot of "character" because of its inhabitants that make their way as a guest throughout all weddings. He even said (Jokingly, hoping to diffuse the fact that this guy is so blatant) that the old man that lives there helps himself to cake even before the bride and groom have a chance to cut it!! Not to mention he makes his way into posed photos...

    Ultimately it is your decision, but those are the reasons I chose not to have my wedding there. Goodluck with your decision!
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  • Lisa FaustLisa Faust member
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    Hi, I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Darshana Hall Plantation and their wedding services. My husband and I were the first couple ever married there on 10/21/2007 and it was a wonderful experience. We wanted an outdoor setting and were in a pinch because the first venue fell through a couple months before our date. By chance we discovered Darshana Hall and the wonderful owners Meredith and Susan Hall and their events coordinator Keith Rhyne. They make you feel like family from the first meeting. I wanted a fall wedding because it is my favorite time of year and wanted to incorporate the fall colors with an outdoor reception. Keith went above and beyond to listening to what I really wanted and also gave me ideas. He always ran the ideas by me and we discussed things before the final decisons were made. We met several times with Susan and Keith to go over the final touches. You are welcome to email me [email protected] and I can show you the pictures from my wedding day. I was reading the response above about the owners, cake, location, etc and I'm astonished by her remarks. I'm not sure which direction she traveled from to Darshana but if you enter Triplett road off of Hwy 64 Darshana is less than one mile on left and I didn't see the mobile homes she referenced. Also, the owners do live at the plantation but are very gracious and professional and I remember the events coordinator joking about Dr. Hall's love of cake but he didn't touch mine. I think she misunderstood a joke. Keith is wonderful to work with and has a great sense of humor. I can honestly say my wedding at Darshana was an absolute dream. I have remained in touch with the owners and Keith in fact they hosted my baby shower May 2010. The guests at my wedding and baby shower ranted and raved about Darshana and how welcome they make everyone feel. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or concerns. - Lisa Mikeal
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    God how do I love the Darshana Hall Plantation. I have always lived in Cleveland, NC and Mooresville, NC and we have always taken Tripplett to go to Mooresville....I know from 6 years old I have always wanted to be there, live there. Its every southren girls dream house i just makes me fanatasize Im Scarlett and thats my Terra. So hearing I can get married there someday....OMGAHHH they are in for it cause even though it makes me sound stalkerish I have always loved this house.  I remember being little telling my mom imma be a psychologist and imma buy this house and live in it and she would laugh and tell me well someone already lives there. I was like until I get there lol (: I mean gahh this place is beautiful. But yes going from 70 to the place you do not see the trailers such as single wides and double wides. But it dont look like a redneck convention there. Take it from a severe local Darshana Hall is not a bad choice.


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