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Fitness Buddy - Can Do Fitness, Short Hills

Fellow Jersey Knotties,
I'm trying to get in shape for my April 2011 wedding and have found in the past that the best motivation is having a workout buddy.  I belong to Can Do Fitness in Short Hills and live about 5 minutes away. 

Anyone else in the area that would be willing to team up to get in shape? 


Re: Fitness Buddy - Can Do Fitness, Short Hills

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    Hi Cat!
    I go to Can Do Fitness in Short Hills, and I'm on 68 days away from my wedding day!  I love the classes they offer there in the evenings.  I'm a fan of Holly's class at 5:45 on Mondays.  I'd be up to having a workout partner - I usually go with my FI too.

    - Nancy
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    jchristeljchristel member
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    I LOVE Can Do!  I went there when I lived in Summit and in Morristown, but I moved too far away to go there anymore.  I miss it!!
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