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still confused on the new knot

how do i access all my posts from anywhere (without finding one of my posts and clicking on the magnifying glass)?  and is there anyway to tell when new replies were added to a post?  it always says i was the last to post, even when others posted replies (plus the fact that the subject always stays bold doesn't help either)

thanks!   i'm patiently waiting for the knot to fix these boards... they royally screwed up with this new format.  a little more testing before rolling it out would have been nice!

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Re: still confused on the new knot

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    if you use the headers on the left hand side (ex. the one that says wedding boards or local boards), there is a link to "my discussions" on the bottom right.

    What should happen is that the post will rebold itself when something new is added. However, that's a little quirky at this point. So bold and black should be new and unread, but bold and grey is read but you did not reply. And unbold and black is nothing new and you've replied. I think.
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    Thanks!  I think I got it
    Warning No formatter is installed for the format bbhtml
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