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Veil or no veil....

which did you decide and why?

Re: Veil or no veil....

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    VEIL!  I figure it's my one and only chance to wear a veil so I'm going for it.  I'm planning on wearing mine throught the reception too.  Again, it's the only time I'll get to wear it.

    I also feel like that's what differentiates a bride from just a woman in a white dress. 
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    No Veil. I looked like a nun in every single one I tried on. Its just didnt fit me or my personality. I did a nice headpiece instead that looked very elegant.
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    I think it should just depend on your personality and, honestly, your dress. I ended up going with a fingertip length, super simple veil (no blusher because I hate those) because it looked great with my dress. However, I had tried on another dress style that was a definite contender that I think I would have just gone with a headpiece or a flower, no veil. So...I do think it very much depends on what your overall look is.
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    I wore one. It was actually the veil, not the dress, that made me feel like a bride.
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    I originally didn't want a veil. Then I wanted a short blusher veil. Then I ended up going with an elbow length drop veil. Like others have said, it's the one time you can wear one & it does have some magical ability to make you feel like a bride. 
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    I wore a veil but then took it off before the reception.  I had thought I would wear it all night, but it was driving me crazy.  Everytime someone gave me a hug it felt like they were pulling my head back.  Ugh
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