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Newbie-- help! Vanity Fare vs Versailles Ballroom

Hi everyone-- I'm super new here and need some opinions....

My FI and I are going to have a church wedding, so we don't need anything fancy outside for the reception. I'm also trying to not cost my parents a ton of money, so we narrowed down our options to Vanity Fare and the Versailles Ballroom.

I was wondering if anyone has had/been to a wedding at either place? We've been to a few at the Versailles Ballroom and the food is wonderful, but to me the decor is just missing something. Of course its the opposite at Vanity Fare, we know nothing about the food but the rooms are exactly what I like.

Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Re: Newbie-- help! Vanity Fare vs Versailles Ballroom

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