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New Jersey

What is the best gift you received as a bridesmaid?

I have no idea what to get my bridesmaids. They are all family members and I want to get them each something individual to them, but am at a loss at what a good gift would be- can it be anything or should it be wedding related?

Re: What is the best gift you received as a bridesmaid?

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    Since all my girls like jewelry I got them a necklace to suit their style from etsy (not something for the wedding at all). For my sister I got her a necklace w/her son's name on it & his birthstone -- she started crying when she saw it. I also got them a travel vera bradley jewelry box in a pattern they like & a gift card to their favorite store. 
  • LolyalyssaLolyalyssa member
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    a Waterford bud vase

  • ellevellev member
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    A beautiful necklace and earring set that she made for us. Took the sting right out of having to wear an ugly brown bridesmaid dress and brownish pink (I can't even describe how ugly this color was) nail polish.
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    Swarovski Crystal Necklace.  I wear mine ALL the time and I've seen several of the other BMs wearing theirs a lot too!

    For me just something I can use/wear other than on the Bride's wedding day. 

    I got my girls coach wristlets and they all seemed to love those a lot too! 
  • viviannacviviannac member
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    As a BM, I loved spa gift cards too. 

    For my girls I got them all LL Bean canvas totes with the trim in their favorite color and their first initial monogram.  I also got them pretty leather passport covers in their favorite colors b/c I know they all love to travel but wouldn't necessarily go out and buy one.  I paid for their makeup b/c I knew that they all wanted it and some might not be able to do it.  Then I got each one something special for them, my MOH a wallet she was in love with, another BM a cupcake baking book, another a silver necklace (NWR), etc. 

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    IBest Rec'd-- BM slippers to wear at the Reception- Black Satin Isotoners- I use them at every wedding i am in!
    I also "had" a shower wrap with my name embroidered on it. I used that all the time. Loved it!

    For my girls, went to the Tory Burch Outlet in Woodbury and got cosmetic cases, and I also got a shadow kit to include with. They have a lot of great holiday palettes and kits for great prices.

    For My MOH, I am also including hair and makeup as her gift.

  • TaraK22TaraK22 member
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    I got a nice necklace that was geared to my taste (each BM got a different one). I thought it was nice because it was my style and I could wear it outside of her wedding. I think any gift that's a little bit personalized/fits the individual's style is a great idea. One idea I have for my girls is to get them all nice pashminas that they can wear if it gets chilly at night, and I'll get it in a neutral color so they can wear them again.
    I'm sure you'll find great gifts :)

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    Thank you all so much for the ideas! Around how much per bridesmaid did you all spend?
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    Ii'm thinking of buying at least one of my BMs a NWR-bracelet from here: http://www.honora.com/

    They have all different styles and colors of pearls.  Just click on Pearl Jewelry and then on the bottom left use the View Collections drop-down menu to see all of their collections (just using the Next Page and Previous Page links will only show you the feautured collections).
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  • uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
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    A gold locket from Tiffany's that was just my style.  But it is all so personal to your group of girls.  Honestly, I'd be meh on a lot of the gifts listed above, and I'm sure a lot of girls would be meh on the locket I got or on what I got my bridesmaids.  Everybody has different tastes so there's no answer that could fit all of our bridesmaids.

    What you spend depends on your budget and I think also on how involved your bridesmaids were and what they did for you.  My bridesmaids dresses were on the pricey side, and they all went to Miami for my bachelorette party, so I felt I should spoil them a little more for being so nice. 

    I think the gifts should have nothing to do with the wedding.  You want to give them gifts to thank them, not props to wear in your photos (which serve you, not them).
  • RamsKR01RamsKR01 member
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    I completely agree with uppereast - get them something that they would enjoy but is not entirely wedding related.  I got my girls each a tote for the day of (easier to carry their stuff), am getting the wedding day jewelry, paying for their hair, and then getting them each a little something personal.
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