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DIY Table numbers

I want to DIY table numbers.  I have an idea: I have developed a slight grape bunch theme.  I want to make paper grape bunch cut outs (wine color) and put the table number in the bunches (black) and glueing them on the back of some shiny paper.  I then want to place them in the corks to display on the table.  I have 2 questions:

I cannot find a freaking grape bunch stencil to trace on the paper, UGH!  Any help?

Also, my tables at the reception are kind of rectangular/rounded at the edges.  Do I need to do 2 sets of numbers on each end of the table since you can pass both ends? or just nix the corks all together and find something to display them to stick in the flowers? 

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    I'm not sure about grapes, but we had long rectangular tables and only put one table number on each (right in the middle though).  People will probably be coming from whatever direction the door is, so I'd just make sure they're visible from that side.  As long as your tables are logically numbered and there aren't like 50 of them, you'll be fine with one per table.
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    that sounds kinda difficult!  what if you find some sort of wrapping paper that has grapes on it...then cut out the actual number and frame it?  this way...the number is made out of grapes and w/ a white background or whatever you choose, the number will be visible.
    kind of like this photo - only the number would be all grapes:

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