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North Carolina

Maybe my FMIL is okay.....

So my FMIL visited us this past week (Wednesday through today).  Most of the visit was good. It was a bit frustrating to try and help her with shopping for something to wear to the wedding. I thought we found a great outftt at Talbots...she wants to head back to PA and check with a friend who she considers her "fashion consultant."

Anyway, so Saturday night we ate at Daniel's in Apex (amazing food and our #1 fav). The wait was about 45 minutes so I sent the fiance and mom off to Kohl's to look for ties for the groomsmen.  While I waited at the restaurant I looked at the catering menu. We had planned on NC barbeque for the rehersal dinner, but I really love Daniel's. I mentioned this to the FMIL and she says "sure."  Holy CRAP! The rehersal food will be fancier than the food for my wedding (all apps by Thrills from the Grill).

I'll admit, FMIL agreeing to spend some $$$ is pretty cool. I know some on this board don't have that luxery. Now to make the desion...italian food or bbq.
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Re: Maybe my FMIL is okay.....

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    lol....we ate at daniel's on main in Fuquay on saturday night....never ate there before and was in town just visiting.
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    That's awesome!

    Where is Daniel's in Apex? Never heard of it, but I go to the Beaver Creek shopping center pretty often.
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    Daniel's is on 55 before you get to Beaver Creek if you are heading south. It is right by a gas station. It is hard to see the restaurant b/c the parking lot is always packed with cars.

    Just to clarify, I don't expect anyone to do anything for us with the planning of the wedding. My FMIL could have easily said, you all are 35 and 31 years old. You can pay for your own rehersal dinner. So, when someone does something as amazing as this....it just surprises me.

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