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MGs How long for your professional albums?

Our photographer said our album would be ready 4-6 months after we chose the photos. We chose them in July so this month is the 6th month.  I emailed our photographer after 4 months and she said it wasn't ready yet.  I emailed her again last week and it's still not ready.  I'm almost 100% she's not going to make the 6 month deadline (next week).  I'm trying not to freak out about it.  DH said she's probably behind because she lost time during Sandy.  I'm sure he's right but I'm just anxious.  We've been married almost 10 months already. I've heard from other brides that I know that this is normal, sometimes taking over a year but my cousin got married in July and has hers already.  So I was just wondering- how long did it take to your your album?
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Re: MGs How long for your professional albums?

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    We haven't even received the final edited pictures from our wedding that was in September.  They said we should have them this week or next but haven't heard from them this week.  We still haven't received our video yet either.  I don't think you should worry just yet, especially if your photographer lost time from Sandy.  Maybe you can email them and ask if they have an approximate date of when it will be ready.

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    Don't freak. Our photographer said that they get really backed up in the fall and early winter because all the weddings line up. You chose your photos at the peak of the season. I'd think you'd be at the front of the line, though, since you were married at the start of the season. I don't think you should worry just yet. Give them a few more weeks to catch up. Ps: I don't have my album either and I was married 6 months before you. We were late doing our photos though.
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    Our photographer says ~4 weeks and they're beautiful high-end albums.  I know others did say many months but I guess I just don't understand why.  But if that's what he told you and that's what he's said all along, I can understand being impatient but I don't think it's any reason to worry.
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