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I was just on Louis Schroeder's website looking through the samples for the billionth time (I'm just so excited for him to do our wedding!) and he added that pic of you and your DH in the red car as one of the samples. Thought you might like to know, if you didn't already!

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    i did notice...
    i stalked his site since we got our proofs hoping he'd put us up (kinda sad now that i say it outloud....)
    but i noticed it last week when he updated his site (ooh fancy flash site now!)
    he also just got a facebook page, and apparently just added my pic to his samples yesterday....
    there's one sample on his site where the bride and groom are kissing, i think on a boat? with nyc in the background? anyway, the groom from the side looks like mh, which i didn't notice until we met with him and we saw the sample in his was pretty funny...

    but yeah, the one in the car is one of my fave pics that he took....

    i hope you're as happy with your pictures as we are with ours!

    i wish i hadn't waited so long to submit our pictures for the album, i can't wait 3 more months!

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