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Post your best/worst/scariest WR Dream

I had a doozy last night.  It was the day of the wedding, I hadn't made hair appointments for myself or the girls and was scrambling to get them ready, my dress was on me, but wasn't altered, and my aunt and mother were trying to stick my hair up with a Christmas decoration.  WTF?? lol

Obviously I'm feeling behind in my planning!!!

Re: Post your best/worst/scariest WR Dream

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    OMG I had one last night too! I always wake up and tell them to my fiance! 
    So mine was that I was at the wedding and the DJ has JUST gotten there even though the wedding was going on for 1/2 hr. The tables weren't set. My photographer was missing and when I called,  she was asleep and told me she was going back to sleep.  Essentially the whole thing was falling apart in front of me! 
    Ah! How do you stop these dreams!?
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    I used to have one where I was marrying some random old guy I'd never met.

    I had another where FI had hired The Bee Gees to sing "I Just Wanna Be Your Everything"at our church ceremony. Instead of asking, you know, HOW he was able to hire The Bee Gees, my first comment to him instead was, "I don't even LIKE The Bee Gees!"
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    The other night, I had this dream the diamonds were falling out of my engagement ring, and my fiance was SCREWING them back in with a screwdriver and screws.  LMAO

    A few weeks ago, I had a dream a waiter spilled soy sauce from sushi all down the front of my dress.

    Good to know I"m not the only one having these crazy dreams. 
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