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Flower Guru's Required!

Please tell me what flowers are in this bouquet- I know calla lilly and some type of orchid(not sure what kind). But the fuzzy white ones and everything else?  Anyone?

Re: Flower Guru's Required!

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    The hanging purple looks like heather to me....
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    Do you have a link to it?  My PIP doesnt work.
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    Here's my best guess but don't bet me on it!

    I'd say the hanging purple could be Veronica?
    The green might be either hypericum berries or white bog orchids
    Calla Lilies for the white and deep purple flowers
    The veiny ones look like Phalaenopsis (according to Wikipedia) maybe?

    I could be totally wrong on these but I hope that helps! As for the white one, I have no idea!
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