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Reception time and photographer

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!

How long are you planning for your reception to last?  Will it be over when you leave, or do you think guests will stay after you're gone?

About your photographer...are you having 1 or 2 people, and how many hours of coverage are you going to have?

Re: Reception time and photographer

  • alliegator8alliegator8 member
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    Our reception with be 4 hours, maybe 4 to 8ish.  Then we are continuing the party at the oceanfront beach house we are renting with some friends.  We figured it would give us more time to visit with friends and family that we might not get to really spend time with at the reception.  Our friends who got married a few weeks ago did that, and it was so much fun.  We really got to visit with them more at the party then at the wedding.

    We are having some photog friends do our pictures.  They'll shoot the that morning, the ceremony and all the big stuff at the reception.  But we are also setting up a photoshare so everyone can upload their photos to it.
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    Our reception started at 6ish and lasted until 10:30 (I think we were going to do 11 but mom decided to end it early) Everyone who was left at the reception were just our close friends. 

    We had two photographers and they got to the house at 1 and stayed until around 9 / 9:30 if I remember correctly.  Well beyond their time in the contract but they were fabulous and got great shots. 
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    My photog was all day - noon to 11. Our reception lasted 6-11 and they had to kick people out at 11. We left at 10:45.

  • LBM7189LBM7189 member
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    We are having cocktain hour from 5:30-6:30 and reception till 10:30.  We will have 3 photographers because that is how my photographer likes to do it- I did not ask for 3 and am not paying extra for 3.  They will be there from around 2 in the afternoon until 11!

  • krispychikinkrispychikin member
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    Our reception went from 12:30-5ish - we didn't have any special exit or anything  - and then we had an afterparty at the hotel where the reception was that went from about 6pm-11pmish.  Our photographer (we just had one) arrived at 9am and left around 6pm (he stayed after the reception ended to take some more shots of me and DH) - his contract just stated he came for as long as we wanted.
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    Our reception was from 5-10pm, and our photographer was with us from 10:30am-10:30pm!  She's a trooper!
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    So far our reception is from 6:30-10 (we are leaving at 9:30). And 2 photographers for 6hrs on the contract.
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    Our reception was 5pm-10pm. We had a big exit, so the DJ told everyone to move outside at 9:50 to do that. We left and then everyone else left. We had everyone stay till the end.

    Our photographer started pics at 11:45am and ended at 9:50pm (with a 40ish mintue break during cocktail hour, where we just waited in the bridal suite before reception started). We had 2 photographers.
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    We can stay at our venue until 4pm, so we're having "cocktail hour" 12:30-1pm, and then doing a big exit when we feel like the party's dying down.  We'll probably leave at 3:30ish and guests will leave right after.

    Also, we're having 2 photographers.  They're coming 2ish hours before the ceremony starts to do "getting ready" pics & we're doing a "first look" (where bride & groom see each other and take pics alone before the wedding).  We have them for a total of 7 hours.

    I'd definitely recommend having more than one photographer if you're still deciding, and you need a lot more time than you think if you want getting ready pictures!
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  • brandyleighxxbrandyleighxx member
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    Our ceremony started at 4:30pm. Reception was from 6-11pm. We were one of the last to leave. We had 1 photographer about 6 hours, from 3pm until about 9:30 or 10pm, I can't remember exactly what time she left.
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    Right now we're planning on:

    4:30 ceremony
    5-6 cocktail hour
    6-10 reception
    10:30 ~ afterparty

    Hoping to have the photographer come from 1:30 - 9:30ish
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    Our reception went from around 5:30 to 10ish. Everyone left when we left.

    We had a husband & wife pair of photographers. They were with us from 11am until around 9:30pm.
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