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has anyone taken photos at Weehawken Waterfront Park and Rec center?

hi all,

our venue does not have an outdoor area to take photos, so we would like to go somewhere close to take some "greenery" shots, as well as shots of the NYC skyline if possible.

I thought about JC or Hoboken, but they are 30min+ away from the venue, and with a time crunch, i dont want to spend an hour driving.  Lambert castle was also brought up as a possible place, but there seem to be a lot of restrictions on where we can and cannot take photos, and i think we wanted a more "park-y" vibe.

Has anyone been to Weehawken Waterfront park and rec center? from the bit of research i did, it seems to be a great location to take pictures.   

 We dont need anything secluded - we just want to take some causual, pretty photos.  It doesnt have to have a wedding vibe, i just want to make sure its a nice park!

if you all give it good reviews, i will drive up to it next week and do a test run.  if anyone has different suggestions, please let me know!! thanks!!

Re: has anyone taken photos at Weehawken Waterfront Park and Rec center?

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    Check out hamilton park in weehawken on Boulevard East.  It is at the top of the cliffs with the skyline as your backdrop.  The cross street of the park would be boulevard east and hudson place.  
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    We took our pics at Lambert Castle and didn't have any types of restrictions regarding outdoor pictures. You just need a permit if you want to take pictures inside. I was in a wedding that did their pics on Blvd East in Weehawken also. It's a long stretch of NYC skyline that has a few parks & pavillions. It's a popular spot, so you will likely have to share. When the weather is good, you have great NYC views. 
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    Where is your venue?
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