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Rockleigh girls- lighting

Hi ladies:
We are trying to decide if it is worth doing the colored uplighting that The Rockleigh has installed.  I'm worried that it will be cheesy, especially since the rooms are so elegant.

Did any of you pay the extra for the uplighting?  If so, were you happy you did it or was it a waste of $$?


Re: Rockleigh girls- lighting

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    Hey, I'm not getting married at The Rockleigh but have been to a wedding there. I remember it as being super elegant all on its own. The additional money may not be worth it ....  Depends on your personality though
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    Hmm... I got married at the Rockleigh in July and never remember them mentioned colored uplighting at any of our meetings or the added cost.

    I do however remember noticing the lovely blue hue to the room as the evening went on and it grew darker outside and thinking "Oooh, this is pretty, do they always do blue or did they choose that because it's the color of my bridesmaid dresses."

    So I'm assuming that's the lighting your talking about and I thought it was beautiful and very elegant.  Would I have paid extra for it?  No, I don't think so.  How much extra are they charging anyways?
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    I think @ $2,000.
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