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My cousin told me she would get ordained and marry us.   I would love for this to happen.  I've heard that you can get ordained online but I also know states have different rules on this.

I'm starting to research ordination sites and there are many.  I'm not sure what is legit or not.  Has anyone done this or know someone who has been ordained and able to marry people in NJ?  I'm online looking for rules in NJ but can't seem to find anything official.
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Re: Ordination

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    Man! is this board slow, or does no one want to answer this question?  lol

    Anyway, I answered my own question - so if anyone else is asking the same thing, here is what I found:

    If you have a friend or family member that you want to marry you, this is the best online ordination site I could find:

    American Marriage Ministries (click name)

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