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Reviews - My 8.8.10 Wedding

The Molly Pitcher Inn (Ceremony Location/Venue/OOT Hotel): They were excellent! Shari was my catering manager who helped me plan my wedding. I always received a quick response to my e-mails & she always remembered to follow up with me if she had to go elsewhere for answers. A couple weeks before the the wedding the Molly was offering a steep hotel room discount the evening of my wedding on facebook - I mentioned it to her & she lowered the rates for everyone in my block. Christian was the maitre'd & he was fantastic! Anytime a small problem came up he always had a solution that worked perfectly. At the end of the night they packed all of our things exactly how they were brought in & put them into our room & even cleaned items for us. The ceremony outside was perfect & exactly what I dreamed of -- the perfect weather did not hurt matters either. The only annoyance was they charged us $5 free per chair to set up but they never took them down from the wedding the day before. The hotel rooms were very comfy, but the bathrooms were too small IMO. However, no one had any complaints & the hotel staff was always there to help us with anything we needed.

John Arcara Photography: This man is an artist & he is truly one of the best decisions I made regarding the wedding. His photos are fantastic & he played our photos from earlier in the day at the bar area during the reception on his laptop -- that was a huge hit & a fun way to relax at the wedding. He also posted a few photos on facebook that evening & 2 weeks later put them on his blog. Not only are his photos great but he's tons of fun to be around & put everyone at complete ease. He also got our formal shots done super quick so we could go around Red Bank for more relaxed & fun pictures with DH.

Paul Anthony Entertainment (DJ): This guy seriously kept everyone dancing all night long inc. DH who never ever dances!! I can not tell you how many awesome memories I have on the dance floor. My only beef was he did take a little too long sometimes to respond to e-mails, but everything worked out great in the end!

Nancy Poole (Florist): She is actually a retired florist but still does weddings for family/friends. She was awesome -- everything turned out better than I imagined. She even decorated the cake which turned out amazing! She got our prices down & to a budget I felt comfortable with & added alot of freebie extras I wasn't expecting! 

Piece O Cake: My cake came free with the Molly. I brought in a photo of what I wanted & she duplicated it perfectly. They were easy & fun to work with & I highly recommend them! 

Barefoot Bride (My dress/bridesmaid dress/veil): I loved my dress. However, the owner could be a bit of a flake. We had a few "miscommunications", but overall I got what I wanted for much less than I originally budgeted for. The bridesmaid dresses also came in on time, however on BM's dress needed serious alterations, but I wasn't there when she ordered so I don't know who is to blame here.

Lydia (Alterations): That poor lady -- I lost approx 25 ibs from the time I bought the dress to the time all was said & done. I lost a couple more pounds before the wedding so my dress was loose on top. I should have bought double sided table but I didn't have the time. Luckily my photographer is really good at airbrushing. Overall I was happy with the alterations, but I wish I did my last fitting much closer to my wedding date.

Rev. Jill Dillner (Officiant): We wanted a fun non-denominational ceremony & she really delivered. We had a beer unity ceremony where we made a black & tan. We did a hand fasting ceremony (where you actually "tie the knot" with our family tartans), we created 3 vows the other one had to agree to which we didn't hear until the ceremony. The only "down-side" was she called me by the wrong name 2x. I totally don't care, it was more funny than anything else, but I think others noticed it.

Johnathan Salon in Red Bank (Hair + Makeup): Overall, I was very happy with my hair + makeup. My only complaints were when I wanted to take off my veil I had to mess up my hair a little to do so - he bobby pinned it a little too much & almost made my hair-do fall out by taking it out. He also showed up late because of family problems & spent a little too much time harping on what a bad night he had (wasn't in the mood to hear his woes on my wedding day). He also took a super long time to ring us up. The airbrush makeup was also very good & provided great coverage esp. since I broke out pretty bad before the wedding. 

I will leave you with some photos...

Any questions - please ask!

Re: Reviews - My 8.8.10 Wedding

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    great photos, glad your day was wonderful!!
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    thanks so much for the feedback! how much was Johnathan salon? was it on-location? i'm looking for hair/makeup, especially handy if it's both from one salon!

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    Beer ceremony?!!?!?!??!  LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    airbrush make up was $150 for the day of but it's $85 for regular makeup. Hair done by Johnathan the day-of is $150, but another person at the salon does it for less I believe. He does do on location, but there is a fee. The Molly is really close to the salon so we just went there. 
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    thanks for the reviews!
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    I love the beer ceremony part!!  Thanks for the reviews I have jotted them down for myself :)

    Do you mind if i ask if the photographer was expensive?
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    Thanks for the reviews. Glad your day was wonderful!
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    I am using John Arcara as well! I actually saw your pics on his facebook and thought the black and tan idea was awesome.  So excited that you were happy with him...Congrats!!!
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    When I booked him in 2009 he was $4,450 for the most basic package his rates probably went up since...
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    Thanks for the reviews!  I am getting married at the Molly Pitcher Inn too :)  If you have any other photos you would like to share I would love to see them!
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