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Unity Candle Holder

Who has had or is having one. Did anyone have a unique holder? I see so many on the web, but they just seem so outdated to me. My wedding is coming up and I can't seem to find a holder I like.

Re: Unity Candle Holder

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    Does it have to be a unity candle holder?  Why not just find some candle holders that you like from Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel or Target or wherever?  I agree that most of the unity candle holders look REALLY outdated or cheesy.  FI and I decided not to do one, but if we were we'd definitely use candle holders that we could use again in our house.
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    I bought some at the last Waterford warehouse sale. It's a set and looks really cute- definitely something you could use after the wedding around the house and have it just look like candle holders. There's a sale going on now in Shrewsbury- or I might even sell mine after my wedding next week. Still deciding, but let me know if you're interested. 



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    nml2000nml2000 member
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    Thanks Allie! Let me know! That's really cute.
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    I got mine from lenox on sale with free personalization of our names and wedding date. My thinking is that mine set and holder will end u in our dining room after the wedding, so I wanted something that was nice and matched it :)
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    melissa82melissa82 member
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    My girls carried candles instead of bouquets and then three of them placed them on the altar for us to use as a unity candle (MOH's was taller so that was the middle one). The other two placed their candles on the organ as the memory candles.
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