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North Carolina

Good Morning frosted world


Woke up to everything white.  So much for hoping for no snow, now I'm kind of excited about it though.  Maybe I'll get lots of laundry done today. 

There's a 3 year old in the apartment above us, he's running around like CRAZY this morning (more crazy than usual).  I can't even be upset that he's so loud because I know he's just excited and trying to drag his mom outside.

Re: Good Morning frosted world

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    Yeah. . our dogs and I were like that 3 yr old this morning! Hah! We're going sledding in a little bit with the neighbors :)
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  • LBM7189LBM7189 member
    edited December 2011
    I woke up to a white morning too, I am right outside of Raleigh on the JoCo/Wake border.  Im planning on doing laundry and my taxes since Im stuck inside.  If that goes as planned, wedding programs and timeline are next on the list.

    Enjoy the snow ladies.  I hope no one was scheduled to get married today.......
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    One of my BM who is a BM for her other friend was supposed to get married in Raleigh today :(. I hope everything goes alright, but Im sure I'll hear later on. 

    On another note. . I stupidly want more snow!! lol
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    Good Morning! I slept in this morning, its just sleeting/raining here= no snow :( Oh well.  Hope that wedding goes well and nothing gets canceled.  Reminds of when Phoebe on Friends got married in the street in the middle of a blizzard, so neat. 

    Hope yall have a great day in the winter wonderland!
  • wlfpkbridewlfpkbride member
    edited December 2011
    FI lives right across the street from campus so we went over there for the snowball fight. Now we're just trying to warm up. I have a ton of stuff to do for school next week so I can't even use my weekend to do wedding stuff :-/
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    So jealous!
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    I saw the snow ball fight on the news last night!! Looked like so much fun. For some reason I couldn't even make a snowball with our snow.
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    The "snow" in Charlotte was more like finely crushed ice. I can't even imagine trying to make a snowball with the stuff in our yard.
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