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HRA Questions...

Hi ladies,
I have to pick my health insurance today and we are being offered an HRA plan in addition to a POS plan. I know there were prior posts about it but I can't find them...can anyone send me a link to them?  Or does anyone have pro/cons of picking that plan?

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Re: HRA Questions...

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    I have an HRA and cannot make one complaint about it; however, ONLY if your employer plans to sponsor the reimbursement...if you have to pay the first $3k or $6K (single and family) deductible than it blows...otherwise its fabulous

    Yes I pay for everything up front but I get everything back, every single penny - whether its a RX or a visit, procedure, etc.  I don't know how to link to posts but it was me who was posting about it so maybe you can search my name or something along those lines...if you have any other questions you can email me justinsmami at gmail
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