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My purse- what do you think?

So, about 6 months ago I won a contest and was supposed to win an awesome bridal purse. They never sent it to me, and Ive tried to contact the company and no one gets back to me. So I gave up and got a purse. What do you think?

Do you like it?

Re: My purse- what do you think?

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    What does your dress look like? It's hard to say since the style has to somewhat coordinate I think.
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    What color is your dress? Is it the one shown? The white will stick out in the purse.

    I also don't think the styles mesh... Although, I don't think I ever carried my purse on my wedding day, I believe my BMs brought it into the reception hall etc.

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    yea to be honest I doubt I'll carry it- just want something that looks bridal-ish to keep my stuff in. Its ivory like the dress
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    I love you dress.  The purse is pretty too.  Kind of looks vintage.
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    The styles look completely different IMO. But if you are just using it to put stuff in for the day and won't be carrying it around with you, then I think it works. I would rather just give stuff to my MOH, BMs to carry for me.
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    Your dress is GORGEOUS!!! OMG I love it.  I'm a Maggie bride myself :)
    I like the purse its cute, and I think its good to have something to keep the important stuff in.  I agree that the styles don't "match", but what's the difference.  I doubt anyone will really see it.  I don't think I've ever seen a bride with her purse.  
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    thanks for the comments on the dress & purse. Im still bummed about the purse I won but didnt get, cause I really liked it, but oh well- this one will do, and like everyone said its just something to keep stuff in - do gonna carry it a lot. And it was cheap- which I love haha. Thanks again!

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    I'm not a huge fan of the purse, plus I don't think you'll need one.  My MOH carried everything I needed.  I would spend the $$ elsewhere.
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