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Hi Ladies,

Any feedback on MIlton Gil photography?


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    Deener713Deener713 member
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    2 of my friends last year used them. Lou Grant did one friend's wedding. My other friend used Jose Reyhas , I don't know if I spelt that correct ( he also has his own site)
    good luck.

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    melissamchiumelissamchiu member
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    Jose is no longer with them I don't think.  He is out on his own now and there was a knottie (name escapes me now) who used him.  We used Milton Gil....still pending reviews on the album and video but if you email me, I can email you my comments thus far.  melissamchiu at
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    From past comments.....Milton Gil is more of a photography "broker" than subcontracts the jobs out to individual photographers, and takes a cut of the $$$.  You can probably do better price wise, by reaching out to the photographers they use and booking them directly.
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