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Hey Girls,

I'm looking to do a pink candy buffet at my wedding... any suggestions on where to get pink candy?

I've heard of candy warehouse but wanted to see if there was anywhere cheaper.. 



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    SinthyaSinthya member
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    I used metro candy supply. The only problem with limiting the color of your candy, it that you will pretty much have a buffet of strawberry flavored candy. To avoid that, I just did all kinds of candy, and decorated the jars/buffet with the colors I wanted.
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    uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
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    We got our candy from I think at least 5 different places, but most was from Metro Candy.  We did mostly, but not all, pink so there would be more variety.  We wanted to have mostly novelty or nostalgic candy, so it was hard to find everything in one place.

    Here's a link to a photo:

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    Heater020780Heater020780 member
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    candy warehouse was the least expensive.  I purchased most of my pink and green non-chocolate items from them.  
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