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Computer Calligraphy Vendor?

Hi Everyone! 

 I was wondering if anyone has used a computer calligrapher in the area that they can recommend.  I am specifically looking for someone who can do color matching to the return addresses, which will already be printed, and will be a light blue that I do not think a hand calligrapher could match, or I could figure out how to print on my own!  

I have found some vendors online, but none have more than 1 review, so if anyone used someone they were happy with, please let me know!

Thank you!
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Re: Computer Calligraphy Vendor?

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    I'd be curious to see what the answers are. I think I'd like this better too.
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    We used Olive Branch Papery in Short Hills for our envelopes.  She did a nice job and was able to match the font.  She is not the best with deadlines, though, so you may have to give her a deadline with a "buffer".  I'm not sure if she has a color printer either.

    I also really liked Cam Turner Designs in Oak Ridge but that's really really far for you. 
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    Please check out  Computer calligraphy since 2003.  We can match all colors and typestyles and turnaround time is quick.  Thanks!!!
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    Set The Date in Nutley did ours and they matched our font and color perfectly!
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