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The New Year is approaching fast!  What is your New Year resolutions or better yet, your goals for 2010?  (Tips for writing goals:  be specific, establish timelines, be honest and realistic, include the what, when, how and why scenarios)

Also, include a goal you've accomplished this year and give yourself a pat on the back! Smile

Here are my goals for 2010: 
*Lose 10 lbs by February 28th to complete my weight loss journey
*Make lifetime at Weight Watchers by April 16th so I can stop paying my monthly fee
*Track my meals at least 5 days a week and exercise at least 3 times a week to maintain the weight i'm currently at
*Paint and put new carpet in my townhouse by February 28th so I can put my townhouse up for sale by March 15th
*Move completely into FI's house by January 31st
*Get married to my love on October 30, 2010!

My accomplishment: Lost 45 lbs since February 1, 2009!


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    JemmessicaJemmessica member
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    Continue hitting the gym, and eating better to lose 15lbs by April.
    Save more money!!! Be more financially conscious- setting a budget (which I am currently working on.... check out if this is also someone elses goal, it's awesome!)
    Purchase our first rental property by the end of the summer
    Be out of credit card debt (again!) by the end of 2010

    Accomplishments: I got married... lol, joined a gym, and have been regularly going!
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    krispychikinkrispychikin member
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    Graduate in May and be done with school forever.  (if all goes according to plan, this shouldn't be an issue!)
    Do yoga three times a week.
    Walk (and build up to running) twice a week.
    Keep track of what I'm eating. ( is really great for this - I started doing it last year but fell off the bandwagon.  I want to get back on it this year!)
    Start a blog just to keep track of what we're up to during the year - even if I just post a picture a day I think it'd be fun to have.

    Accomplished this year:
    got married!
    travelled to europe for the first time (yay honeymoons!)
    bought a house!
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    Keep saving money for DHs new car  he will be getting in June or July and then keep saving for a really nice downpayment for a house (all year)
    Go to the gym regularly with DH (all year)
    Figure out what I want to do career wise with my life (if this includes going back to school, I need to figure that out)
    Try to enjoy living in DC and not complain too much about living here
    Take Cake Decorating classes by February
    Meet this lady who owns a cake making business by March
    Build my cake/cupcake/dessert portfolio, so I can partake in my journey to open my own cake business one day

    Accomplished: Graduated college in May with my BS, Got married in June, Moved to a different state in July and got a full-time job using my degree in October (This was a busy busy year!!)

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    Lose 15 pounds by March 1. Consider losing another 5 by April 1.
    Focus on Pharmacy rotations when necessary and not let wedding details consume my life.
    Stop putting off wedding details and get all minor things done by April 23 to not be stressed out just before the wedding.

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    Oh - and my accomplishments for 2009. I have kept off 45 of the 56 pounds I lost for the 5th straight year - usually I regain my weightloss + some. Only a little minor damage over the holidays - but losing the 15-20 in the next few months will bring me back down to that 56 pound point!
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    pirategal03pirategal03 member
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    2010 Goals:

    - Plan our wedding! And get Married. hehe
    - Re-take the CPA exam parts I still need to pass (by May 31)
    - Help FI apply to Grad Schools (Aug 31)
    - Finish re-finishing and move the rest of my furniture out of my parent's basement and into our apartment (March 31)
    - Lose 15 lbs by April 30th by paying closer attention to what I eat and starting a workout routine (which I have defined for myself but I'm sure y'all don't need all those details) (actually I started this last week, I didn't lose anything, but I didn't gain over Christmas either)

    2009 Accomplishments:

    - Got a masters degree
    - Took all parts of the CPA exam once
    - Got engaged
    - Moved to a new city
    - Started a full-time job
    - Bought a car
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